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Discover For Sport CBD oil - CBD Oil for Sport Recovery.

CBD oil for sports recovery, chronic pain relief, muscle soreness and general sports recovery is not a myth.

CBD is a natural botanical concentrate that can help reduce inflammation and aid the recovery process.

The benefits of CBD oil for sports recovery are well documented and pain relief for muscle soreness can be improved as part of your sports recovery regimen.

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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from the cannabis plant. Our CBD oil contains exclusively; pure, THC free, lab-tested CBD isolate that is safe to use by professional athletes. Cannabidiol supplements are most commonly used as recovery enhancers. This is due to their ability to maximize recovery, ease pain and inflammation, improve sleep quality and improve the body's response to stress.

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sport cbd oil for athletes recovery

Is For Sport CBD oil safe to use by professional sportspeople?

The answer is YES. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD (Cannabidiol) from the prohibited substances list in 2018. CBD also falls under the new UK Food Standard Agency (FSA) regulations as of February 2020, which classified it as a novel food. However, professional athletes should be aware of taking supplements other than CBD Isolate; full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD may contain other substances such as prohibited THC. All our products contain lab-tested pure CBD isolate with 0% THC and are safe to use by amateur and professional athletes. More and more sportspeople are introducing CBD oils, CBD capsules and CBD topicals into their active routines to enhance well-being, boost performance and speed up recovery.

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How to take CBD oil?

You have probably seen CBD products across social media and in your local wellness shops or pharmacies. CBD oil has grown in popularity, particularly in the past few years due to its positive health benefits. The main reasons people are reaching out for Cannabidiol supplements are pain management, better wellbeing, improved sleep and to manage anxiety. What is more, For Sport CBD oils are used by many sportspeople to boost their athletic performance, training and recovery.

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100% Natural

Our CBD oil is only made from natural ingredients and is vegan friendly.

Lab Tested

Each product batch is lab-tested by an independent 3rd party laboratory.

0% THC

All our products are THC free and are safe to use by professional athletes.


Naturally sourced MCT oil boosts CBD absorption.

Alcohol Extraction

The highest standard extraction guarantees the best quality and potency.

CBD Isolate

All our products contain CBD Isolate; the purest form of CBD.
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