The benefits of CBD in Tennis

Anyone that has played tennis will understand the high levels of fitness required to sustain performance but also the toll it can take on the body. The action of swinging a racket fast and hard repeatedly applies enormous amounts of pressure and stress on the shoulder and elbow joints and their associated muscles. Throw in the amount of running, extensions …

how does cbd make you feel like cbd oil 1000mg

How does CBD make you feel?

Based on our own customers’ feedback most of our clients use CBD to alleviate pain, improve their sleep quality and to help them feel more relaxed in everyday life. In general, CBD can make you feel a lot calmer…

should athletes be using cbd

Should athletes be using CBD?

Cannabidiol, most commonly known as CBD, is widely available as edibles, tinctures, gummies, capsules, candies, vaping oils and as topicals; skincare creams, muscle balms or cooling gels. It might sound surprising but pro and semi-pro athletes have been using CBD for quite a few years now.

how to take cbd oil cbd dosage tincture isolate

How to take CBD oil?

You have probably seen CBD products across social media and in your local wellness shops or pharmacies. CBD has grown in popularity, particularly in the past few years due to its positive health benefits.