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How does CBD make you feel?

CBD (Cannabidiol) has fallen under the UK’s Food Standard Agency regulations since 2020 which classified it as a novel food. According to the Consumer Reports Organisation, almost one-third of adults in the United States tried CBD in the past 2 years. Consumer interest in Cannabidiol has also been outlined by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis in their 2019 Summary. Their summary states that the size of the CBD market reached £300M per year, therefore making it larger than the total UK Vitamin C market (£119M) and Vitamin D (£145M) combined.

A bit of CBD History…

The therapeutic benefits of CBD might sound like quite a recent discovery but that’s far from the truth. For instance, one research has shown that medicinal usage of the Cannabis plant stretches as far back as 5000 years. Furthermore, Cannabis-derived medicines have been known and used for many centuries in Ancient China and Continental Asia to treat multiple conditions such as malaria, rheumatism, memory issues and gout.

Cannabis-derived medicines have been known and used for many centuries in Ancient China.

What does CBD feel like?

Cannabidiol is one of the 100+ different cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant, of which the most well-known ones include CBD, CBG and THC. Despite being derived from the Cannabis plant Cannabidiol doesn’t result in a ”high” feeling. That’s because Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive component and its effects on the human body are very different to those associated with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) usage. Based on our own customers’ feedback most of our clients use CBD to alleviate pain, improve their sleep quality and to help them feel more relaxed in everyday life.

In general, CBD can make you feel a lot calmer in stressful situations as it promotes a sense of overall tranquillity. We like to describe CBD as a silent supporter. That’s because its effects are more about experiencing the noticeable reduction of stress, anxiety, pain, fatigue and/or brain fog.

Cannabidiol is used by many athletes to support a good nights’ sleep and reduce muscular and joint inflammation in addition to improving their performance and recovery. If you are an athlete you can read more about why and which CBD you should use in our latest blog here.

Moreover, CBD’s pain-reducing properties have resulted in the increased popularity of its usage among sportspeople. This has subsequently led to a few brands (including us) offering sports specific, pure Cannabidiol products that are lab-tested to contain 0% of banned substances.

Now, you are probably wondering what makes CBD so special and how does it actually work?

By interacting with your Endocannabinoid System (ECS), Cannabidiol supports the regulation of cognitive abilities, recovery, sleep and mood and many other functions which are still being discovered. The Endocannabinoid System is not yet fully understood, but so far experts agree that it plays a key role in controlling a variety of the body’s processes such as sleep, mood, cognitive functions, learning, inflammation, appetite and fertility. Endocannabinoids, known as endogenous cannabinoids, are molecules that are similar to Cannabinboids except they are produced by your body. CBD modifies the activity of ECS’s enzymes and proteins and also has the potency to enhance the effects of anandamide – the native neurotransmitter of the endocannabinoid system. What’s more, it plays a role in the regulation of physiological systems such as pain, appetite regulation, pleasure and reward.

While research on the effects of CBD is being constantly updated, ongoing studies have found that it has significant potential to improve both physical and mental health.

How long will it take to notice CBD results?

The duration of its effects becoming noticeable depends on the type of product used and your body’s reaction to Cannabidiol. In general, your body’s unique composition and metabolism are some of the most important factors The effects of CBD becoming noticeable depends on the type of product used, your body type and your body’s reaction to Cannabidiol. In general, your body’s unique composition and metabolism are some of the most important factors responsible for your response to CBD products. As a result, the response to CBD from person to person will vary. Based on our own experience we noticed that typically the benefits of CBD oils and topicals containing CBD can start from anything between two and twenty-four hours.

To summarise, the accumulative and progressive effect of CBD makes taking a little dose regularly more beneficial than taking bigger doses periodically.

Summary: Here is how will CBD make you feel…

CBD is already helping millions worldwide with their physical and mental wellbeing. That’s due to its ability to improve overall vitality in healthy individuals. Pure Cannabidiol will never make you feel ”high” or diminish concentration; instead it will promote overall relaxation, clarity and calm. Above all, CBD is known to relieve chronic pain so if you suffer from body aches it will work to ease them to help you regain your balance and a feeling of comfort.

Hopefully, now you have some idea of how CBD makes you feel and how it works. We hope our article helps you decide whether you should give CBD a go and experience its positive benefits on your mind + body.

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