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For Sport CBD was founded by two friends and former sportsmen, Gareth and Spencer, who when seeking efficient relief from discomfort, aches and pain relief from historic sport-related injuries discovered CBD oil - a natural pain remedy and a great performance booster.

Gareth, a promising professional footballer in his early career went through a career-ending knee dislocation in his 20s. Spencer, an equally promising semi-professional rugby player in his younger days had suffered elbow, shoulder and knee dislocations resulting in retirement at 24. The first time they heard of CBD back in 2018 they were a bit sceptical. The chatter in the sports world at the time was about a new "wonder supplement" that professional rugby players, boxers, cyclists and a plethora of other professional athletes were talking about. Quite soon after they began a journey of CBD discovery and trial and immediately became huge fans of THC free, pure cannabidiol and its wellbeing benefits.

"The more we learned about the properties of CBD oil through research and experience, the clearer the realisation became that this natural supplement needed to be both visible and available to aspiring, active and former sportspeople. We wanted everyone to be able to maximise their performance, recovery and stamina and to enhance longevity in their chosen sport."

Since we established For Sport CBD our team has significantly evolved and we are proud to say that all our team members are using and loving our premium products. Our CBD and nootropics will improve your everyday life in so many areas that it will make you wonder; "Why haven't I tried it before?!" These are real game-changers when it comes to so much needed vitality boost and the body's daily response to stress. Our CBD oils have been tried, tested and loved by ourselves, our friends, athletes, personal trainers and sportspeople of all levels.


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Premium CBD oil + NOOTROPICS to up your game in a natural way.

We have partnered with the UK's top CBD manufacturers to deliver the highest quality, lab-tested, pure Cannabidiol and to create a brand that has your wellbeing as a top priority. We don't compromise on the quality of our premium products. We also know how important is to be honest and reliable when it comes to ingredients and manufacturing methods of food supplements. For Sport CBD oil is guaranteed to be an all-natural, THC free, CO2 extracted blend of pure CBD isolate and MCT oil. All our CBD isolates are WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) approved and lab-tested, and for your peace of mind, lab reports for each batch are available on our website - we couldn't be more transparent here!

If you are a professional sportsperson who undergoes drug testing you must be aware that not all CBDs are the same.

In the market, you will find a whole lot of broad-spectrum, full-spectrum oils and distillates, and yes some of these might contain traces of THC. While boundaries between these aren't always clear is important to choose a brand, such as For Sport, that has appropriately labelled products and certificates that guarantee the quality of the ingredients and 0% of THC.

Currently, our range of CBD oils consists of 4 strengths, tinctures: 1000mg CBD oil, 1500mg CBD oil, 2000mg CBD oil and 300mg CBD capsules.

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To help you choose the appropriate strength we have created a guide to CBD that will help you find the right product to achieve the most desirable outcome. To provide you with full support and maximise your recovery we have also developed a Muscle & Joint Balm with 1000mg CBD. Its powerful formula works effectively to reduce muscle soreness and joint inflammation thanks to the addition of one of the highest doses of CBD amongst topicals available in the market.

At the beginning of 2021, For Sport founders, based on the research of the newest trends in sport formula natural supplements, decided to extend the products range by introducing nootropics - natural cognitive enhancers. Teaming up with an innovative nootropic manufacturer enabled us to customise a sport formula nootropic, "STIMULATE", a blend that consists of vitamins, amino acids and powerful herb extracts.

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Stimulate capsules are the first line of our nootropics range; soon you will be able to enjoy more of the fruits of our hard work. For Sport nootropics will come as capsules and will be either pure, high-dose herb extracts or sport formula blends that contain the addition of essential vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

Our friendly team members are here at hand to offer you advice and support on products choice, ingredients and advice on usage.

You can contact us via our website or social media where you will find lots of interesting facts and tips about CBD, nootropics and wellbeing. Go give us a follow and help us grow an amazing community that, like us, believes in the connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body.

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Why is For Sport, MIND + BODY?

The answer is quite simple. Throughout our journey with CBD and NOOTROPICS, we have discovered that there is a connection between your brain and your body's performance. All our food supplements have an impact on both your brain and body. Whilst supporting your body and mind, they work to boost motivation and concentration, lessen anxiety, improve sleep quality, relieve chronic and acute pain and more! Take a look at our clients' testimonials that we share across our social media platforms. If you love our products already why not leave us a review to help others feel confident about choosing For Sport? We will be grateful for your feedback! You can leave a comment and rating on your favourite product page or on Google.

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We aim to be the most knowledgeable market leaders in the sport formula NOOTROPICS and CBD oils industry.

We are truly passionate about natural supplements and our team members are up to date with the most recent studies and researches in nootropic and CBD related subjects. By staying current with the latest trends you can rest assured that we will provide you with expert advice and premium NOOTROPICS and CBD products that actually work. Some of our products will deliver immediate effects on your body whilst others will take a while longer. They aren't designed to be a quick fix; our aspirations are to provide long term vitality and performance improvement for the active. Only systematic use can deliver a noticeable impact on your mind and body. No two people respond in the same way to CBD and nootropics. To feel the full benefits of sport formula supplements you should be consistent.

Join our #teamforsport community here and inspire others to lead a healthy and joyful lifestyle.

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