cbd balm 1000 mg for sports recovery

CBD Muscle & Joint Balm - 1000mg

Newly Formulated with high-absorption micro-granules
One of the highest dose CBD balms on the market today, we have 1000mg of CBD in 100ml of balm making it one of the best around


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Newly Formulated with micro-granules that stimulate the skin surface to maximise absorption, each jar of CBD Muscle & Joint Balm 1000mg contains a unique mixture of high dose pure CBD isolate (1000mg), Vitamin E and a blend of natural oils. Our CBD balm works to aid with reduced muscle soreness, pain and joint inflammation within the application area. Our sport formula balm contains one of the highest doses of CBD amongst topicals available in the market guaranteeing its maximum effectiveness

CBD  Muscle & Joint Balm 1000mg contains:

A high content of CBD can provide effective relief from muscle pain and inflammation and is designed for people who frequently perform demanding physical activities. Rosemary and Calendula Oils infusion may additionally aid muscle recovery and work to reduce skin bruises and contusions, allowing you to maintain an active lifestyle. An addition of Menthol can have a relieving effect on sore, achy muscles and joints. On top of that, Menthol features analgesic, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory properties that can aid with swelling. Camphor Oil may calm muscle cramps and work to reduce joint swelling and discomfort. Grapeseed, Avocado and Sweet Almond Oils along with Vitamin E moisturise, nourish and protect your skin.


Our Balm is perfect for anyone leading a demanding lifestyle, performing sports that have a high risk of contusion rate and suffering from joint swelling and muscle cramps. Muscle & Joint Balm is easy to massage and its fast-absorbing formula makes it an ideal product for anyone who wants to effortlessly improve their recovery while maintaining an active lifestyle. Our Balm can be used after-workouts to ease tired muscles.

CBD Muscle & Joint Balm is 100% natural, contains 0% THC and has not been tested on animals and is suitable for Vegetarians. Our balm can be applied to the area of discomfort and soreness up to three times a day. For optimal results, the balm can be combined with For Sport CBD oils and CBD capsules or NOOTROPICS.

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6 reviews for CBD Muscle & Joint Balm – 1000mg

  1. Ellie

    I use it along with CBD capsules. Works wonders on my sore muscles!

  2. nigel

    Balm works wonders for my sore muscles and aching wrists!

  3. nick.s

    My gf has been using this CBD balm as she suffers with lower back pain. I has been a real game changer! She no longer needs to use any pain relief.

  4. Debbie Spencer (verified owner)

    This CBD balm is brilliant – fantastic pain reliever for neuropathy in my hands and wrists – added bonus is that it’s great for moisturising the skin (smells fab too) – have been using for several months now and basically can’t live without it!!

  5. Dylan Williams

    Amazing product. Another purchase from the national running show, and it has become apart of my daily routine, applying it to all my niggles. And being an endurance athlete and training around 20 hours a week I tend to come across a few niggles. I could not recommend this balm enough.

  6. David Coleman

    I’ve been using this alongside the capsules to relieve chronic shoulder pain. I must admit i was a little sceptical at first, but within 48 hours of using, i would say i was 80% pain free, and within the week 95%. I wont say it has cured my shoulder issues but it has given me the opportunity to commence rehabilitation work on my shoulder, which was near impossible due to the pain and restricted movement. This has definitely been a game changer for me, and i will continue to use it, alongside my rehab work to help me build the strength i need to repair my injury.

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