3000mg CBD oil and CBD Roll on for recovery

CBD Oil 3000mg and 1000mg CBD Freeze Roll on

3000mg Oil and 1000mg Roll on Bundle includes
1x 3000mg Oil
1x 1000mg Roll on

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3000mg CBD oil and CBD Roll on Freeze with 1000mg of CBD for sports recovery. This bundle is most popular amongst gym-goers, runners and active people. Both, CBD supplements and CBD topicals can provide full support for sports recovery and performance. 3000mg CBD oil is our highest-concentration supplement which is ideal for those who have been taking CBD for longer periods of time and those with higher body mass. The content of CBD in our 1000mg Roll on Freeze is one of the highest available in topicals on the market. Because both products contain potent doses of CBD they are ideal for regular CBD users and those familiar with CBD. If you are looking for a bundle ideal for beginners check one of these: 1000mg CBD oil and Balm bundle or 2x CBD capsules and Balm Bundle.

For Sport CBD products are vegan, natural and free from THC. Whether you are an aspiring or pro athlete, you can enjoy the benefits of our CBD supplements and topicals with complete confidence and comfort.


3000mg CBD oil for sports recovery is the highest concentration of CBD oil that we offer at For Sport CBD. The highest concentration makes it a great choice for those who are regular users of CBD supplements and those seeking to increase their dosage. 

CBD oil 3000mg for sports recovery comes in a 30ml bottle with a dropper that has measurement markings. Oil usually lasts approx. 42 days if dosed 0.7ml/day. 

WHO IS 1000mg CBD Roll on FOR?

Our 1000mg CBD Freeze Roll on is great for anyone leading a demanding lifestyle, performing sports that have a high risk of contusion rate and suffering from joint swelling, inflammation and muscle aches. Roll on with a high dose of CBD works best when used before and after a workout (or any demanding activity) to ease pain and calm inflammation. It is an ideal easy-to-use product for anyone who wants to supercharge their recovery rate while maintaining an active lifestyle effortlessly. 

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