CBD oil 3000mg for recovery

CBD Oil - 3000mg for sports recovery

3000mg of CBD in 30ml of MCT Oil.
For Sport CBD is made using Cannabidiol isolate, one of the purest forms of CBD and contains 0% THC. Suitable for Vegans, this product is designed for sports recovery, mild pain relief, mood and sleep



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Our For Sport CBD oil 3000mg for recovery is vegan and 100% plant-based. A 30ml oil tincture contains a blend of plant-extracted MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil and Cannabidiol isolate which is one of the purest forms of CBDs available. A combination of these two guarantees the highest potency and bioavailability.

Stringent lab-testing results in a superior CBD product that is THC free, all-natural and highly absorbable.

Most importantly our additive-free, non-psychoactive CBD oil is not traceable when undergoing the most rigorous cannabinoid testing. That’s due to a lack of THC content (THC is prohibited by WADA). This means that both aspiring and professional athletes can enjoy the benefits of our CBD oil with confidence.

CBD oil 3000mg for sports recovery comes in a 30ml bottle with a dropper that has measurement markings. Oil usually lasts approx. 42 days if dosed 0.7ml/day. 


Cannabidiol can work on physical and psychological levels having a positive effect on both your MIND + BODY.  All thanks to its unique ability to interact with your body’s ECS (Endocannabinoid System) which plays a key role in controlling a variety of the body’s processes that include sleep, mood, cognitive functions, inflammation and appetite.

CBD oils are very popular among people struggling with anxiety and stress. Additionally, Cannabidiol is often used as a sleep aid as it can help with both falling asleep and staying asleep. Active people supplement CBD to ease post-workout pain and inflammation claiming it helps them reduce the usage of strong anti-inflammatory drugs. All of the above make CBD great and natural aid in maximising regeneration and recovery processes.

Ongoing research on Cannabidiol is full of promise and some studies have already found that CBD may not only work to improve physical health but may also aid with mental health too. All of those make CBD oil an extraordinary sports recovery and general well-being optimising supplement.


3000mg CBD oil for sports recovery is the highest concentration of CBD oil that we offer at For Sport CBD. The highest concentration makes it a great choice for those who are regular users of CBD supplements. 

Cannabidiol oil is ideal for healthy sports enthusiasts looking to maximise their regeneration, repair and vitality.

Anyone struggling with everyday stress may benefit from just a few drops dosed throughout the day. Smaller and more frequent supplementation is a great way to maintain calmness and attentiveness (in those who struggle with running thoughts).

Those who struggle with poor sleep quality should go for a bigger dose before bedtime to help restore their circadian rhythm and to optimise overnight regeneration.

Active people who are looking to maximise their post-workout recovery can benefit from a few drops after their session to boost repair, ease pain and calm inflammation.

The For Sport CBD range consists of 3 strengths of CBD oil (1000mg, 2000mg, 3000mg) and 300mg (in 10mg CBD capsules) which means you can gradually increase or decrease dosage to determine your preferred strength with ease.

CBD content in For Sport CBD 3000mg oil:

0.5ml (half pipette) – 50mg CBD

0.7ml – 70mg CBD

1.0ml (full pipette) – 100mg CBD

*Do not exceed the daily recommended dose of 70mg. 

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