1500mg cbd oil for recovery bundle of 5

CBD Oil Bundle - 5 x 1500mg



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CBD oil bundle with 5 x 1500mg CBD oils lets you save £40 on your order! Whether you are looking for a wellness gift or you want to stock up on our best-selling products For Sport bundles are a perfect choice.


1500mg CBD oil for sports recovery is the medium concentration of CBD oil that we offer at For Sport. Therefore it is great for those familiar with Cannabidiol and those willing to increase their daily dosage. With each of our CBD supplements, you can gradually increase or decrease your dosage to determine your optimum regimen.

CBD supplementation is ideal for those looking to maximise their overnight regeneration and improve sports recovery and help you wake up well-rested.

Regular use of CBD (a few drops throughout a day) can help ease daily stress and help you achieve tranquillity without drowsiness.

A bigger dose before bedtime can help to improve sleep quality, restore circadian rhythm and can help you wake up well-rested.

Few drops after a training session can improve post-workout recovery and repair.

CBD content in For Sport CBD 1500mg oil:

0.5ml (half pipette) – 25mg CBD

1.0ml (full pipette) – 50mg CBD

30ml (full bottle) – 1500mg CBD

*Do not exceed the daily recommended dose of 70mg.

CBD oil 1500mg for sports recovery comes in a 30ml bottle with a dropper that has measurement markings. Oil usually lasts for 30 days if dosed 1ml/day. 


All For Sport CBD oils are 100% natural and vegan. Our CBD oil tincture contains a blend of MTC oil and CBD isolate – one of the purest forms of CBDs available in the market. An addition of MTC oil helps CBD reach your bloodstream more efficiently boosting its potency and absorption.

Bundle contains: 5x 1500mg CBD Oil

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2 reviews for CBD Oil Bundle – 5 x 1500mg

  1. John

    Great saving, amazing quality.

  2. K.E.

    Great bundle, I am really impressed with improvement in my joints and sleep quality.

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