CBD roll on freeze muscle and joint lotion cannabidiol

CBD Roll on Freeze Muscle & Joint Lotion - 500mg

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CBD Roll On Freeze Muscle & Joint Lotion features a freezing fast-absorbing mixture of pure CBD isolate (500mg), Vitamin E and a powerful blend of natural oils with prominent anti-inflammatory properties. Its refreshing and freezing formula can work to reduce muscle soreness, inflammation and to improve post-workout recovery. Roll on Freeze is ideal for those who frequently perform demanding physical activities. In short, anyone prone to post-workout injuries may benefit from this easy to use product.


Its potent content of 500 mg of Cannabidiol can provide effective relief from muscle pain, inflammation and joint discomfort. The addition of Witch Hazel (well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties) not only works to relieve sore muscles but also eases inflammation thanks to its powerful compounds with potent anti-inflammatory properties, gallic acid and tannins. Witch Hazel content boosts the effectiveness of our Roll on formula. Lemon Grass oil can improve the overall mobility in application areas due to its well-known soothing properties. Spearmint oil and Peppermint oil (both containing menthol) can have a relieving and cooling effect on sore, achy muscles and joints. On top of that, menthol features analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that can with swelling. Hemp Seed oil along with Vitamin E additionally moisturises, nourishes and protects your skin.


Our Roll on is perfect for anyone leading a demanding lifestyle and suffering from joint and muscle pains. Specifically, those performing sports with a high risk of contusions could find this topical extremely helpful. Our Roll on is highly effective, handy and easy to use. All the above make it an ideal on the go product that will fit perfectly into your gym bag. Additionally, its fast-absorbing and non-greasy formula make usage effortless and discreet. 

CBD Freeze Muscle & Joint Roll on Lotion contains 500mg of pure THC free Cannabidiol and has not been tested on animals. For best results apply a few times a day on the area of discomfort and soreness.

For optimal results and maximum recovery, roll on can be combined with other For Sport products such as CBD oils,  CBD capsules or NOOTROPICS.

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5 reviews for CBD Roll on Freeze Muscle & Joint Lotion – 500mg

  1. Janice

    Works really well to soothe my joints. Have arthritis in both knees I am glad this helps and I can no longer use so many painkillers to cope with the pain.

  2. A.T.

    It works! Had roll-on delivered yesterday and it is fantastic.
    Smells nice and most importantly it reduced my wrist pain by 60% after first usage. I think I will try it along with some CBD oil to see if pain goes completely.

  3. Ric.T

    This stuff is amazing its easy to apply and works so well. I will buy again!😄

  4. Debbie Spencer

    I’ve been using the balm (which is amazing) for months now, so thought I’d give the roll on a go as well. It’s also BRILLIANT – easy to pop in the handbag for quick and easy relief of pain – non greasy so very user friendly. Highly recommend this product – I suffer with neuropathic pain in my hands and wrists and this roll on really helps to ease my symptoms. Will definitely be buying it again:-)

  5. Dylan Williams (verified owner)

    Loving the freeze roll on product. It is my go to for a quick and effective treatment post training session. Super easy to apply, smells great and give you that “sticky” feeling like some other products out there. It works well in conjunction with the muscle balm.
    I recommend adding this product to your collection.

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