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Ultimate NOOTROPIC bundle of 3 nootropics to optimise your active wellbeing. Buy ACTIVATE + REJUVENATE and get STIMULATE worth £29.99 for FREE.
3 nootropic products intended to maximise 3 different stages of your active day:
I. morning ACTIVATE for longer sustained energy and alertness boost + mood uplift.
II. midday STIMULATE for performance and cognition stimulation + brain fog ease.
III. evening REJUVENATE for maximum repair and regenerative sleep + serenity.

All 3 NOOTROPICS work to maximise your MIND+BODY during 3 different stages of your active day, naturally. Each works in a unique way to integrate with your natural circadian rhythm.

NOOTROPIC bundle contains:

ACTIVATE: Is a natural energising formula that makes it ideal for morning alertness, energy and responsiveness (or even as a  pre-workout supplement). It can be used as a sugar-free, plant-based alternative to popular energy drinks or coffee. This plant-based supplement is ideal for those who frequently perform demanding activities and suffer from a lack of energy. ACTIVATE NOOTROPIC consists of energising and mood uplifting plant extracts; 100mg natural caffeine (more than a shot of espresso), superfood nootropic mushroom, Vitamin C and 5-HTP.

STIMULATE: Is a natural supplement that is ideal for those suffering from midday lapses of concentration, tiredness and brain fog. STIMULATE is a brain-stimulating blend that works to maintain your natural energy levels, improve focus, creativity and alertness. It consists of cognitive-enhancing and stimulating nootropic herbs, amino acids and vitamins. + Contains adaptogens that improve daily response to stress.

REJUVENATE: Is a plant-based nootropic supplement for sleep and repair that supports regenerative sleep and maximises overnight recovery. It is perfect for those struggling with morning tiredness due to poor sleep. REJUVENATE NOOTROPIC consists of ingredients that rejuvenate, calm and unwind the mind including nootropic herb extracts, melatonin enhancing amino acids and Magnesium. + Contains adaptogens that improve daily response to stress.

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1 review for All 3 Nootropics bundle. Buy ACTIVATE + REJUVENATE and get STIMULATE FREE

  1. 5 out of 5

    Great bundle. Highly recommend all three Nootropics. I have been taking them for 3 months now and since day one I noticed big difference in my energy levels, focus and sleep quality. Great natural supplements👍🏻

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