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REGENERATE Recovery Curcumin & ZMA Supplement

For Sport REGENERATE is a high-quality recovery supplement designed to speed up sports recovery and muscle & joint repair. Vegan friendly with all natural ingredients, this product contains 60 capsules for 30 days of use.


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REGENERATE SUPPLEMENT is a recovery-boosting supplement that speeds up sports recovery, aids regeneration and eases inflammation. It naturally stimulates muscle & joint repair. For Sport REGENERATE is a plant-based formula that contains ingredients chosen to naturally aid sports recovery. Regular supplementation will work towards speeding up regeneration, increasing antioxidants, stimulating muscle and joint repair, easing pain and calming exercise-induced inflammation.

For Sport REGENERATE contains:

Each dose of REGENERATE contains 450mg of Curcumin (an active ingredient found in turmeric) standardised to 95% curcuminoids which guarantees its high potency. In simple words, the whole Turmeric root has been processed until 95% of what’s left is Curcumin and the other 5% is additional root compound material. Standardised extracts have higher potency because they contain more of active ingredient than a raw product would. The whole turmeric root contains varying amounts of curcumin from one batch to another, but typically it would be about 3.14%. Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that has been traditionally used to aid with joint aches and various types of chronic pain. Curcumin can help protect cells and has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Studies have shown that it also supports cardiovascular health. To boost its absorption rate REGENERATE contains a Black pepper extract, also known as piperine. Piperine is a natural booster used in supplements to enhance the bioavailability of nutrients.

100% of the Daily Recommended Dose of Magnesium supports healthy muscle and nerve function. Magnesium can help relieve tight muscles and relax them after contracting during an intense workout.
The addition of Zinc  protects cells against oxidative damage and supports the body in healing damaged tissue.
As an antioxidant Vitamin C plays an important role in slowing down processes that cause cell damage in the body. Athletes often suffer from inflammation caused by training and thus need aid with sports recovery and muscle and joint repair. For this reason, REGENERATE supplement is beneficial as it contains 100% of the Daily Recommended Dose of Vit C.

With ingredients that prevent fatigue.

REGENERATE is more than a recovery-boosting supplement. With ingredients that contribute to sustaining high energy levels, it will prevent fatigue without overstimulation.
This is due to a high dose of Vitamin B12 that helps your body convert food molecules into energy. Maintaining optimum levels of vitamin B12 will prevent you from feeling tired and weak (if you don’t get optimal levels of B12 through your diet). The addition of
Ginger extract, a well-known superfood, also adds to reducing tiredness by improving blood circulation and blood sugar levels. The addition of Vitamin B6 is important for normal brain development and for keeping both the nervous and immune systems healthy.


REGENERATE supplement is ideal for those who struggle with a poor recovery rate. It will help you recover faster and bring up your game. All thanks to ingredients that play crucial roles in muscle and joint healing processes. REGENERATE is an ideal supplement for gym-goers, power athletes, runners and those who are suffering from joint pain caused by intensive training and repetitive movements.


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