ultrasound recovery machine sonowave for sport recovery

Snowden Sonowave ultrasound for muscle recovery

- The Sonowave Pro emits ultrasound waves at the optimal frequency for pain relief
- Handheld devise with easy-grip sidebars, ideal for home use
- Class IIa ultrasound Medical Device emits 1 MHz pulsed and continuous ultrasound waves
- Product supplied with 2 x Opti5 Glucosamine conductor gels

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Ultrasound recovery machine for joint and muscle recovery comes in a Sonowave Pro Set.

The Sonowave set includes:

  • Ultrasound Sonowave Pro machine
  • 2x Opti:5 Glucosamine Joint Recovery gels
  • Full manual booklet and quick start guide
  • Mains adaptor

Therapeutic ultrasound waves along with Glucosamine Opti:5 Gel help ease muscular and joint pain and support healing. Sonowave Pro is a home-use, drug-free treatment to target muscular injuries, aches, pains and strains.

How does it work?

Ultrasound therapy, often called ultrasonic therapy is beneficial for muscle, tendon and soft tissue injuries. The use of high-frequency sound waves creates a small amount of heat and draws blood to the injured area while breaking up scar tissue. The increased blood flow promotes healing within the injury. These high-frequency sound vibrations can stimulate tissue up to 5cm beneath the skin’s surface. 

Who is for Ultrasound recovery machine?

Sonowave Pro ultrasound recovery device is ideal for those suffering from joint pain, poor tissue recovery, sports injuries, aches and strains. Also suitable for those who perform demanding work activities which apply greater pressure to joints and will find ultrasound therapy a great drug-free support in the healing processes.

About the Sonowave Pro device

Sonowave Pro has 3 intensity levels (low, medium and high) and 3 different treatment times. Rubber-grip sidebars make usage easy and convenient. The square screen indicates intensity, treatment time and an indicator stating when the treatment begins.
A low setting (one bar, pulsed 1:4) is designed for acute conditions when a lower intensity is required. This setting is automatically set as a first mode.
Medium setting (two bars, pulsed 1:1) is ideal for more sub-acute conditions and it’s a longer pulsed mode.
High setting (three bars, continuous) is perfect for chronic conditions or to treat larger muscle groups such as deep-seated muscles with long-standing injuries or pain.

  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Small, handheld with easy-grip sidebars
  • Lightweight and portable
About the Opti:5 Glucosamine Gel

Effective usage of the Sonowave Pro device requires the application of a conductive gel (it comes with 2 Opti:5 Gels)  The Gel acts as a coupling substance and ensures therapy.
Opti:5 is a drug-free Joint recovery massage gel. It contains N-acetyl Glucosamine, which is a highly absorbant form of Glucosamine which helps maintain healthy joints. The gel also features Menthol for a cooling effect as well as: Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Arnica and Rose Hip. Read more about Opti:5 Gel here.

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