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Emma Pethybridge Testimonial


Products Used: CBD Gel

I met ForSport at The Running Show South two years ago and I liked the the more focused range of products, price points with knowledgeable and detailed customer support. This was compared with another brand I tried previously.  I started using the CBD oil and balm muscle rub to reduce muscle inflammation in my hip joint post impingement surgery two years ago.  

I have found the CBD oil reduces my anxiety levels both pre and post event.  This was unexpected but a real plus because I really suffer with nerves before a race, not like I'm going to win it! I’ve also found it helps manage my day to day stress levels with work.  As a result my sleep is better as I am calmer during the day. 

My new favourite is the cooling CBD muscle and joint gel

Just started using it but for marathon training it has been invaluable for post long run recovery.  Goes in easily, dont need too much and the smell is lovely and soothing.

Ruth For Sport CBD TestimonialRuth For Sport CBD Testimonial 2


Products Used: CBD Oil

As someone diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) I was aware of an approved cannabis-based medication called Sativex available on the NHS to treat the condition. Sativex contains both CBD and THC elements, which I did not particularly want, so I began my search to find a reliable source of CBD oil and found For Sport CBD.

I work in a high-pressured professional role and had started to recognise a decline in my cognitive ability which was starting to impact on my performance, in particular in meetings when I was required to respond instantaneously and could not, as I needed to have a quicker processing speed.

I started using For Sport CBD oil 1000mgs about 18 months ago. It took a few months of trial and error to identify the correct dose for me to improve my cognitive ability but then – bingo! I’ve never looked back and take a daily dose which has significantly improved my processing speed and recall memory, reduced my fatigue, reduced my times of ‘zoning out’ and (sorry to be a little crude for a moment, but…) my bowels have never worked better, they’re perfect!

Everyone’s MS is different so I can only speak for myself but I am so grateful and thankful for finding this product. I feel like me again

Matt For Sport CBD Testimonial


Products Used: CBD Oil & Freeze Roll on

I started using For Sport CBD Approximately 8 months ago. As a keen competitive surfer as well as climber I have a fairly rigorous training regime and recovery and mobility is a huge part of that.
I have had trouble with my knee for several years, breaking it as a child then tearing the meniscus twice. This has resulted in stability issues through this leg, especially under pressure of rotational movements.
Training 5 days a week along with surfing as much as I can puts quite a strain through my body and injury prevention is a key consideration when looking to push my performance in my chosen discipline. I have found the Roll-on Muscle and Joint lotion to greatly increase my recovery time post surf or workout, reducing inflammation and pain in the joint I have had issues with for years.
This, coupled with the 1000mg CBD oil daily has led to me being able to push myself further than I had previously, as well as seeing far less injuries during this period.
My advice to anyone considering the use of these products when looking to aid recovery is to consider integrating it within an established rehabilitation routine, I found this helped accelerate my recovery, allowing my body to repair and for me to get back to doing the sport I love faster than I considered possible.

Andrew For Sport CBD Testimonial


Products Used: Rejuvenate, CBD Oil & Muscle & Joint Gel

I started to be interested in CBD supplementation to help relax and improve sleep quality to support my training. After speaking with the For Sport team I started with the CBD oil. On advice I also tried the CBD gel and balm to help with tired muscles and sore joints post-training.  After using the oil for a month or two, I added the For Sport Rejuvenate to further bolster sleep.
The combination of CBD oil and Rejuvenate is a great combination for really bolstering sleep to support hard training and boost recovery. This is a great compliment to the CBD balm (for stiff joints) and the gel for freshening tired muscles.
For anyone thinking of giving CBD I would suggest being patient and seeing what works for you over a sustained period.  The gel and balm are great for tired muscles (and what runner or triathlete doesn’t have sore muscles every now and then?).

Tom For Sport CBD Testimonial


Products Used: Capsules & Freeze Roll on

After months of trying different products within the CBD arena, and other medicines given to me by my doctors. I felt I really needed to get something to assist with my issues I was experiencing with my body.

The problems I was trying to help myself with was the constant back aches, shoulder pains and overall fatigue that I had been experiencing since the beginning of the year, effectively grinding my running activities to a halt.

The doctors have been unable to find out what has actually gone wrong with my body, but I certainly am much better taking the CBD capsules, or using the Roll on for aches or tight muscles.

The main problem I was trying to correct were the aches of my hip, foot and knee. But more recently it’s been a great aid in shoulder pain when doing weight workouts at the gym.

When I take the capsules I ensure I stick to 60/70 mg a day, and split this across 3 different times in the day, usually before meal time. This certainly takes the edge off the pain I am dealing with.

If there is anything I would suggest to those looking to use For Sports products, ask the team for suggestions, they were a great help. Stick to a lower dose at first and build yourself up.

The freeze roll on was a personal favourite of mine to use, wasn’t greasy and doesn’t smell.

DavidC For Sport CBD Roll On TestimonialDavidC For Sport CBD Balm TestimonialDavidC For Sport CBD Oil Testimonial

David C

Products Used: Freeze Roll on & Muscle and Joint Balm

I was first introduced to ForSport CBD at a local triathlon by another triathlete who had been using their products for some time. I was suffering with chronic shoulder pain caused by an untreated Rotor Cuff tear and I had been in considerable post exercise pain for a couple of years. Several visits to a doctor and the usual prescription of anti-inflammatory and pain killers had little or no effect and even visits to the physio were futile as the pain and stiffness was often too severe for me to do any of the simple exercises that were expected of me.

I first tried the CBD capsules and Balm, as this was recommended by the other triathlete based on what my symptoms were. He explained that the balm often works as a treatment to aid recovery, as it felt like a massage oil, it was able to be used as such and I started having deep tissue massages using this balm.

The positive effect was evident after about 2- 3 days. I woke up one morning and was virtually pain free. I was able to move my arms into positions that were near impossible previously. This was a massive step forward for me as I was now able to do the physio exercises and even managed to start lifting light weights to help rebuild and strengthen the shoulder.

The capsules felt like they were more long lasting and these were used as an all-round relief for muscle soreness from the lack of flexibility caused by the inability to stretch properly. I guess in a nutshell, I was using the balm to target the main root of my pain (shoulders) and I was using the capsules to ease the rest of the body.

I have since tried the CBD Freeze, available as a Roll On, which makes it easy to apply post workout in the changing room, especially to the hard-to-reach places like the top of my back and shoulders blades.

As I was starting to get stronger by the day, I started to increase my workload at the gym. I was starting to lift heavier weights and increase the intensity of cardio work. To this end, I took the advice from the guys at For sport CBD and tried the CBD oil. I was told this is a more responsive method of taking CBD and I started using this as pre workout routine to prevent pain whilst I was increasing my time at the gym.

As this was more responsive, a few drops under my tongue whilst getting changed was enough to help me through my workout. The results have been amazing, and touch wood, to date, I am still relatively pain free. Just the usual insignificant niggles from exercise, but that is to be expected from a 50-year-old late comer to exercise.

I was quite sceptical using CBD as I hadn’t really heard much about it or did any research into its effects on sports people. I can honestly say that my eyes have been opened. I must admit, I do not know the science or medical reasoning behind CBD, but I don’t need to, I trust the guys at For Sport CBD to worry about that which lets me focus on getting fit and feeling healthier.

My advice to anyone who is in a similar position to what I was in is to give it a go. You literally have nothing to lose. If what your doctor is prescribing is not working, try an alternative, like me, you may be pleasantly surprised.

I have been using For Sport CBD now for about 4 months and I have not felt the need to take any other form of painkiller or anti-inflammatory. I genuinely believe that although CBD is not a cure for my ailments, it has certainly helped me get my life back on track allowing me to follow up on Physio appointments and to be able to exercise pain free.

I can't thank the guys at For Sport CBD enough. They have been amazing. Their customer service and education are second to none.

Kerry For Sport Testimonial


Product Used: 1000mg CBD Oil

I started using the 1000mg when I was suffering from anxiety attacks and insomnia, I stopped driving for a long time because the panic attacks were horrendous, the improvement was noticeable straight away, since purchasing the initial bottle I have been buying every month, i'm now using 1500mg, I couldn't go a day without it!

The customer service is superb and I cannot fault anything about this company or the products. I also use the cbd roll on for joint pain, this is also fantastic!!

Delivery is super quick and the communication is also faultless. If you have any doubts, all I can say is give it a go, you won't regret it!!

Dylan For Sport Testimonial


Products Used: Stimulate & Freeze Roll on

I’ve been using these stimulate capsules for a while now. I find that I get that mid day slump due to the early morning training sessions. I’ve found that these capsules have really helped me get through the rest of the day, and mire so when I still have those dreaded afternoon workouts waiting for me after work.

I’m also loving the freeze roll on product. It is my go-to for a quick and effective treatment post training session. Super easy to apply, smells great and doesn’t give you that “sticky” feeling like some other products out there. It works well in conjunction with the muscle balm. I recommend adding this product to your collection.

CBD Balm Open


Product Used: Muscle and Joint Balm

I've been using the muscle and joint balm alongside the capsules to relieve chronic shoulder pain. I must admit I was a little sceptical at first, but within 48 hours of using it, I would say I was 80% pain free, and within the week 95%.

I won’t say it has cured my shoulder issues, but it has given me the opportunity to commence rehabilitation work on my shoulder, which was near impossible due to the pain and restricted movement.

This joint balm has definitely been a game changer for me, and I will continue to use it, alongside my rehab work to help me build the strength I need to repair my injury.

CBD muscle & joint balm cannabidiol 1000mg usage


Product Used: Muscle and Joint Balm

An ex-colleague of mine recommended I try CBD for my knee joint and back pain as he had similar sporting injuries and it had worked for him. After suffering multiple injuries playing rugby, football and cricket at university and years of cycling, I have constant pain in both knees and lower back.

I decided to try the CBD muscle gel rub on both and can honestly say it works wonders for the pain. Not long after rubbing into the painful areas there is almost instant relief and a cooling sensation from the product.

Anyone who has similar issues with joint pain should try the gel, it is one of the best products I have tried over the years and certainly helps with my pain and discomfort.